My Amazing Body Machine

My Amazing Body Machine

My Amazing Body Machine takes young readers on a unique and exciting journey through all the working parts of human anatomy. Owen Gildersleeve’s hand-cut artwork brings to life professor Robert Winston’s extensive exploration of the human body through intricate, anatomically correct papercraft illustrations of each body part.

From our intricately wired brain and nervous system to the framework of our skeleton, the colourful book holds fascinating bite-size facts about each part of the human body, with illustrations showing how the body works in an immediate and ingenious way.

Each book is signed with papercut flourishes by artist Owen Gildersleeve and comes with a large poster, along with some extra goodies! Email us at to let us know if you'd like the signing personalised!

  • Publisher Dorling Kindersley
  • Page Count 128
  • Size 276 x 216mm

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