Award News

With award season over, we're honoured to have been awarded for a number of projects we've worked on this year. A big thank you to all the people who nominated and voted for our work.

Below are a list of our achievements!

Graphis Advertising Annual Gold : Outside Lands

Graphis Advertising Annual Gold : Fanta Mashup

Graphis Type in Use 2018 Silver : Variety 500

Graphis Type in Use 2018 Silver : Outside Lands

Communication Arts Award of Excellence : Outside Lands

World Illustration Award 2018 Shortlist : Fanta Mashup

World Illustration Award 2018 Shortlist : Outside Lands

Frēsh 18 :

Gold & Silver - Outside Lands

Silver & Carbon - Variety 500

Carbon - Golden Age of Conservative Magazines

Curator - SnowGlobe Poster

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