Behind the Scenes: How Frankly in Love's cover was created

As you may know we were lucky enough to be approached by Penguin Random House to design the cover for Frankly in Love by David Yoon and we are getting more and more excited for its release this September. It’s a perfect summer read with themes of race, romance and cultural identity balanced with the lightness of a coming of age novel.

We were not only lucky enough to have the opportunity of designing the cover but also to be interviewed by the author himself who we had the pleasure of introducing to our studio. Check out the interview below for an insight into how the cover was created, our studio and what goes on behind the scenes

'Owen Gildersleeve is an incredibly meticulous artist based in London who specializes in handcrafted illustration and design. He created the cover for my novel Frankly In Love. He’s been featured all over the place, including one my favorite design blogs It’s Nice That. He’s also a nice people (nice people rule!) and has a grimy, smart two-man band named Modern Technology.

DAVID: What’s your process? Do you print, trace, and then cut? Or do you use a laser cutter?

OWEN: I always begin each project with rough pencil sketches, getting down the initial ideas and concepts. Then once a route has been chosen I will draw up the design digitally, refining the forms and working out the colour palette. Once this has been approved I will use the digital drawing as a template, printing out the linework onto sheets of colour paper, but backwards so that once it’s cut out you can flip the page over and not see the lines ;) My cutting is done by hand with a surgical grade scalpel – The same surgeons used to open up the human body!' the full interview here!

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