Best of 2015

What an amazing year! A huge thanks to all my friends, collaborators and followers this last 12 months, I really appreciate all your love, help and support. Here’s to a great 2016! 

Pictured from top left: (1) Valentine’s Play for Google (2) Discoverer’s Alliance exhibition with Benedict Morgan at Mother London (3) Pore Me! campaign for Benefit Cosmetics with Ciara Phelan, Amy Currell, Claire Pinegar & Greg Niemand (4) Presidentti Special Blend for Paulig (5) Washington Post’s Best of 2015 (6) Distant Aeons used by The Guardian (7) Artwork for Cousin's second album with Sam Hofman (8) Nissan Juke: Folded in Britain with Thomas Forsyth (9) In thhe Ream of the Senses – A  collaboration with Owen Silverwood & Gem Fletcher for Arjo Wiggins & Creative Review.

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