Interface Lovers X Owen Gildersleeve - Interview

I’m a big fan of Interface Lovers, an online magazine featuring interviews with awesome creatives as well as their playlists. As a big music lover (and musician) as well as being a creative, I was pretty excited to be featured recently on their site.

Interface Lovers were kind enough enough to offer me an in depth interview and feature some of my pieces of work over the years including my window display for Lush, an example of one of the most challenging pieces I’ve been asked to do;

“The projects that scare you the most are the ones to take on. It’s a sign that you are being pushed out of your comfort zone and I think that’s a really good thing, to make sure that your work doesn’t become stale. I worked on a large window display job a few years back for Lush where I was asked to create 15 window displays for their stores around Europe. It was a huge job, but by bringing in the right people and breaking the job down into simple steps we were able to make it work.’”

I also spoke about some of the pieces I’m most proud of including Outside Lands and the video I created for Mount Audio alongside photographer Stephan Lenthall as well as discussing where I find inspiration for my work; “I like to look outside of my design bubble, and will find that my best ideas come up when I’m on a walk, cycling, playing the drums or at a gig – times when I’m away from the screen and have a chance for my thoughts to settle. I read once that social media is the death of creativity, as people no longer give themselves the downtime needed for people’s ideas to form.”

Finally I was able to take the opportunity to talk about my other creative interest; music, and introduce my band Modern Technology and the upcoming charity gig we’ve put together for Mind at New River Studios in December. The interview also features my own personally curated playlist which you can check out here if you need some musical inspiration for your own work!

You can read the full interview here :)

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