The Design Kids Feature

05th December 2017

A big thanks to The Design Kid​s for their lovely feature, which went up today!

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Introducing Forms I

03rd October 2017

Today I’d like to present my first short film created in collaboration with Stephen Lenthall and Mount Audio.

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Studio Shots by Jon Aaron Green

22nd August 2017

A huge thank you to photographer Jon Aaron Green who recently visited my studio to take these lovely snaps.

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Form Fifty Five Cover Images & Feature

20th July 2017

We were honoured to be asked to create the new cover images for design blog Form Fifty Five.

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Love Happens Here

29th June 2017

We created a poster for this years Pride in London campaign, Love Happens Here.

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Owen in conversation with DK

16th May 2017

This month Owen chatted to Dorling Kindersley, publishers of our most recent book collaboration My Amazing Body Machine, as part of it’s Open Book series.

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Introducing K-2SO

12th April 2017

We’re excited to return to the Silicon Valley Comic Con next week for a second year running to reveal our latest papercraft creation, K-2SO.

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Special Pre-order of My Amazing Body Machine

12th April 2017

We’re excited to announce that a special pre-order of our new book, My Amazing Body Machine, is now available.

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Introducing Shadow Spaces

28th March 2017

We’re excited to share the release of a new personal series, Shadow Spaces, and are really happy to see it featured across some of our favourite design blogs.

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Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017

16th March 2017

We're heading to Silicon Valley Comic Con for a second year running to reveal our latest sculptural creation

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