Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017

Last year we were approached by the organisers of the Silicon Valley Comic Con to create a life-size paper sculpture of Iron Man for their first event at the 30,000 capacity San Jose Convention Centre.

We are excited to return this year to reveal our latest low poly papercraft conception. Thomas Forsyth will be joining the team again helping us to take the paper model to the next level.

In a similar set-up to last year, this year’s piece, which is yet to be revealed, will be built in separate parts in London and shipped out to San Jose, California. To help support the paper net shell of the sculpture, we’ll use computer aided design to devise an inner foamboard framework that will flat-pack, enabling it to be posted over to the American convention centre before the event. There, attendees will watch the model unfold as we piece it together live over the course of the three-day event.

Keep your eyes out for further updates and behind the scenes snippets!

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