New Solo Exhibition: Observations from the Unknown

I'm excited to announce that my new solo exhibition ‘Observations from the Unknown’ will open 19th July at the ARGONAUT Gallery in San Fransisco.

To celebrate groundbreaking celestial data gathered by NASA’s Kepler Spacecraft over the past nine years, the seemingly abstract pieces tell the tale of nine newly discovered exoplanets that orbit stars outside of our own solar system. 

I have taken details such as the orbital periods, mass, radius and age and visualised these using a series of forms featuring concentric rings, starbursts and swirls. I have then brought the pieces to life using hand-crafted layers of physical papercuttings and experimental materials, that play with scale and hierarchy, simultaneously communicating data from Kepler’s mission whilst abstractly spelling out the names of each planet and star system featured.

Find out more about the show and RSVP here.

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