Time Out London - Into the Woods

We’ve been itching to work out with Time Out London for some time now since the success of the Time Out LA’s Grand Canyon cover and here it finally is!

If you were travelling through London on Tuesday hopefully you managed to grab a copy of Time Out magazine which is based around the theme of London as an Urban Forest, in fact it’s Europe’s largest Urban Forest! The cover features a hand-cut multi layered artwork created from beautiful wintery coloured papers that highlight the greenery that surrounds our iconic city. The landmarks which the city is so well known for take on a new beauty as they nestle between dense trees and bushes filled with British wildlife and of course the infamous British weather!

Based in London ourselves, it’s easy to forget how much greenery and hidden nature London has so it’s great to work on a project which reminds us to look a little bit closer at the city we live in!

Check out our showcase for more about the Into the Woods cover for Time Out

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