Winds of Change - NASA X Owen Gildersleeve

When NASA got in touch to ask if we could create a mural for their Earth Science Division over at NASA JPL, it would be an understatement to say we were over the moon!

Made of nearly 1000 hand-cut pieces of board painted in a gradient of tones, with help from our wonderful assistants Molly Bryan and Adam Williams, the installation depicts the infamous Santa Ana Winds which sweep across the coast of Southern California and the Baja Peninsula.

Working together with the team at NASA JPL Owen was able to visualise this complex weather phenomenon using a range of scientific data showing the journey of the winds, their change in strength at certain locations with a dramatic surge at the coast, as well as their increase in temperature as the winds hit the coast and then cool off again out to the ocean.

If you look closely at the installation you'll also notice tiny illustrations on some of the forms. These little illustrations engraved by Thomas Forsyth represent the effects that the ferocious Santa Ana Winds have on the landscape below. From forest fires to Whale migrations and Plankton blooms these icons correlate with the landscape below creating a detailed story of the dramatic effects of this weather system.

The mural sweeps across three walls of the Earth Science offices, bringing some much needed colour and energy to the space. Each piece had to be placed perfectly to convey the correct information but with the help of our assistant Chloe Lamfers we managed to successful install the mural over 2 very full on days!

Find out more about this project and its process in our Showcase.

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