Boundless Self-Portrait


Owen created a self portrait for the launch of Grand Matter's new creative platform, &wherefore, which delves into the ‘why’ in creativity. Asked to create a portrait for their Boundless series, he thought to use this as a chance to cross a boundary of his own and open up about his personal life and the struggles of being a freelance artist:

“On the outside, especially professionally, I’m used to presenting myself as someone who has everything together. But if you tear through the surface there are many layers to my personality which I find harder to reveal. There’s a playful and occasionally chaotic side, which I’m often only able to present within a rigid framework. There’s also a darkness at times both in my tastes, having grown up on noisy music and abstract art, and also being quite an anxious person who has dealt with periods of depression over the years. But this has all helped to make me the person I am today so I am happy for all the layers of light and shadow.” 

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