Brief Festival Guest Speaker

Brief Festival 2018

Owen was invited as a special guest speaker to close the Friday night at the 2018 Brief Festival in Madrid.

The festival featured an incredible selection of speakers, including Pentagram partner Marina WillerHey Studio founder Verònica Fuerte, Dutch artist Rik Oostenbroek, Milan studio Ditroit, Toilet Paper magazine Creative Director Micol Talso and Madrid-based studios Pleid St.TAVO.

The festival was sponsored by Adobe Stock, who filmed Owen's talk and also asked him a selection of questions in an intimate interview, where he spoke about his work, process, inspirations and advice for your creatives.

Alongside Owen's talk he also held an intimate papercraft workshop giving attendees an introduction to papercutting and guiding them through the basics, so that by the end of the session they could all leave with a fully finished piece of layered papercut artwork.

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