Calibre Magazine - Watches of Switzerland shoot


Calibre magazine is dedicated to luxury, full of decadent timepieces, rich colours and fantastic sets so we were thrilled to be invited to create the sets for Calibre’s June issue.

The brief was simple lines and bold summery colours. Armed with mountains of paper and a vision of luxurious summer vibes we teamed up with Northstar, photographer Matthew Beedle and Watches of Switzerland to create sets which not only echo the feel of each watch but bring a new colourful dimension to each design

Each set was created specifically for the watch it is shot with and uses shadows, folds and gradient creating curves to add subtle drama and depth to an otherwise simple layering of colours.

Varying from grandiose gold rolexes placed against the blackest of black to a traditional IWC framed by a smooth orange and teal curve we loved how much the simplicity of paper bought these watches to life.

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