Discoverer's Alliance

Personal Project

"The Discoverer's Alliance are a society devoted to the exploration of the furthest depths of sea and space. Although little is known about the organisation their work has led to some of the century's most important scientific discoveries. To mark their 100th Anniversary the Discoverer's Alliance have opened their doors for the first time, allowing Owen Gildersleeve and Benedict Morgan unprecedented access to the organisation's offices and archives. Through this special documentary project Owen and Benedict hope to give a unique insight into the inner workings of one of the country's most accomplished but lesser known exploration societies."

A collaboration with photographer Benedict Morgan. The series is a mockumentary of the Discoverer's Alliance, a fictional society devoted to the exploration of sea and space. Together Benedict and Owen created a series of nine images that explore this society's offices and archives, through miniature handcrafted sets made from a large range of materials, including paper, expanding foam, cotton wool and various types of foods including noodles, pasta and even Twiglets. The images were exhibited alongside a selection of the props at Downstairs at Mother, London in June 2015.

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