Forms I

Mount Audio

A new short film created in collaboration with Mount Audio and photographer Stephen Lenthall.

Forms is a new collaborative video series devised by London based, creative sound studio Mount Audio. The ongoing project sees Mount team up with leading visual artists each month to creating unique audiovisual works.

I was approached to create a short for their first instalment and so I decided to team up with photographer Stephen Lenthall. Following the success of our recent Shadow Spaces series, we saw it as the perfect opportunity to develop our still imagery into this experimental film.

Forms I explores the relationship between space, form, light and it’s natural counterpart, shadow. Set within the walls of minimalist paper spaces we introduced subtle movements and additional light sweeps to highlight intricate architectural details.

Mount’s initial piano motif was inspired by the the still imagery of the original ‘Shadow Spaces’ series. This set the pace for the visual, as edited by Peter Mellor of Peepshow Collective. The piece was then re-scored with the help of violinist Mallory Hamm.

Additional sound design elements serve to create a much grander sense of space, with deep bass swells tracking sweeping shadows and glacial string harmonics echoing down seemingly vast hallways. The result is deceiving, a truly immersive journey through seemingly epic spaces.

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