Into the Woods

Time Out London

After the success of the Grand Canyons cover for Time Out LA Owen was thrilled to be approached by Time Out in his home city of London to create the cover for their Into the Woods issue celebrating the greenness of the city – Apparently London boasts so much greenery that it can technically be classed as a forest!

Working with a wintery palette Owen started to explore what makes London a fantastic urban forest. With The Thames as the central anchor, he started piecing together an illustration that features a selection of legendary landmarks such as the London Eye, Big Ben and St Paul’s Cathedral nestled amongst a leafy forest teeming with British wildlife, from majestic stags to the unlikely parakeets.

The illustration elements were all brought to life as papercut pieces, layered at varying heights to add shadows and depth to the artwork. Drifting snowflakes give a wintery vibe to the piece and carefully placed details such as the pods of the London Eye help to create an unmistakable London seen in a new light.

The Time Out Urban Forest cover takes you on a journey up the River Thames through our fantastic city. It’s a lovely reminder that even at this time of the year when the temptation is to stay warm in our homes that London has so much to offer!

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