Lost and not Found

Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam

Having shifted some of my focus recently to more meaningful work, I was thrilled to be invited by Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam to contribute a piece of work to their exhibition Lost and not Found in support of the Rainforest Trust; a wonderful charity which purchases the most threatened rainforest areas and works to save endangered wildlife and eco-systems which come with it.

Wieden + Kennedy’s brief came in featuring 12 species which have recently been ‘lost and not found’, some as recently as this year and the terrifying statistic that nearly 500 species (that we know of) have gone extinct since 1900. Shocked by the statistics I wanted to create work which highlighted the enormity of this mass extinction and really brought attention to the importance of charities like the Rainforest Trust in preventing its continuation.

From the beautiful Caspian Tiger to the recently lost O’ahu Tree Snail, the examples of newly extinct species are all incredible animals and I found it impossible to focus my efforts on just one of these. I decided to create a piece featuring all of these animals in the hope that it would have just the same impact as W+K’s brief did on me.

Using the very apt name of the exhibition I created a multi layered, hand-cut piece of work with the help of my wonderful assistant Molly Bryan. The piece features the 12 species emerging from and clinging to the words ‘Lost and Not Found’ just as they had been clinging to life in the rainforests.

The artwork was created as a one-off original piece to echo the sentiment that ‘once it’s gone, it’s gone’ so I was thrilled to hear that my piece sold quickly, not only raising money for the Rainforest Trust but hopefully bringing an awareness about the current situation to the person who bought it.

The exhibition’s Private View took place on 24th October and had a wonderful turn out. It featured beautiful works from over 50 artists and designers which you can check out here. Each limited-edition artwork is available to buy, with all proceeds going to the Rainforest Trust

The exhibition runs until January 2020 so If you happen to be in Amsterdam please take the time to check it out!

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