Open Up

Meta Open Arts

A new series in collaboration with Meta Open Arts for World Mental Health Month which runs throughout May.

Tasked with representing a series of quotes related to mental health, I created a series of abstract artworks, playing with flowing overlapping layers and colours to represent the feelings and struggles that most of us go through. These artworks were handcrafted in my studio out of layers of coloured paper, inspired by traditional print techniques to create interesting colour overlays, and then brought to life by animator Alex Purcell.

"To commemorate World Mental Health Month, Open Arts commissioned British cut-paper artist Owen Gildersleeve to reimagine how we understand and talk about mental health. Owen's delicate and meticulously constructed paper illustrations take a gentle and empathetic perspective toward the often-invisible struggles that affect our mental health. These 6 illustrations are centered around various themes, including Talk About It, Switching Off, Telling My Story, The Path Twists and Turns, Neurodiversity and Metamorphosis. Each of these represent small, simple actions we can each take to build resilience and eliminate the shame and stigma often associated with mental health struggles."

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