The Ways We Disconnect


I was approached by San Francisco-based creative agency Godfrey Dadich to create a series of illustrations for WorkLab – a brand new platform developed for Microsoft, dedicated to the science and stories behind the future of work.

My illustrations were to accompany an article about how people around the world are finding better ways to set boundaries between work and personal life. Picking out stories from the article I created a series of paper cut images based on the themes 'Peace of Mind', 'Schönen Feierabend' (translated as "evening celebration") and 'Clocking Off', each featuring the same calming circular motif tying the series together.

The final artworks were handcrafted out of multiple-layers of paper and shot in my studio, using natural light to retain the paper grain and give nice soft shadows.

WorkLab is a digital publication, a forum for conversation, and a conduit connection, exemplifying Gidfrey Dadich's vision of The New Editorial, bringing together the best of journalism, strategy, and design to tell stories that are pertinent to a company’s mission.

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