*Silver Award winner in the Graphis Poster Annual 2021*

'SOL' is a personal print designed as a celebration of the start of summer, through 12 circular forms that explore the powerful heat and energy of the sun.

This print design became the start of a new range of products for Owen's online shop, re-appropriating the design and its various elements for a range of accompanying merchandise including high quality enamel pins and eco-friendly tote bags, as well a limited edition run of hand-embroidered baseball caps and baby hats created in collaboration with Adam Williams.

The design was drawn up digitally in Adobe Illustrator, picking out a nice limited gradient of tones to use for the various elements to tie everything together. Each element of the design was then cut out from G.F.Smith papers, who Owen partnered with for this piece. The final papercuttings were then layered up carefully in his studio and photographed using natural light, tying in with the artwork's theme, adding nice soft shadows and bringing the piece to life.

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